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Remembering Your Pet

Published: July 4, 2022
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Losing a pet is never an easy experience to deal with. If you’ve recently just dealt with the loss of your pet, then you may be considering options to help you cope. If you find that holding a funeral service is not for you, then there are many other alternatives available. Read on for all of the suggestions that we have to offer and let us know which ones worked best for you. If you are looking for funeral homes in Hernando, FL then you are in luck as we are always open and ready to help all who walk through our doors. Stop by or give us a call to learn more!

Memorial Service

One of the most popular ways to remember a pet is by holding a memorial service. What makes memorial services so great is that planning one does not require you to be under any sort of deadline. Additionally, you can also have the memorial service in any location of your choosing. While some people may choose to hold the service in their backyard, others may resort to another location. Some of our favorite places to hold a memorial service for a pet include a local dog park, a park, a beach, or a backyard. It could be much more meaningful if you selected a location that your pet loved when they were alive. After you’ve settled on a location, you will have to select who you’d like to be in attendance. It’s always a good idea to have people who had a relationship with your pet attend their memorial service. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask if anyone would be interested in saying a few words. It could be a good idea to plan this out ahead of time so that everyone has an ample amount of time to speak and express themselves. In terms of decorations, some nice touches could include some photos of your pet, as well as anything else you feel is appropriate to the service at hand.

Make a Donation

If you don’t wish to hold any type of funeral service for your pet, then it could be a good idea to make a donation to an animal organization. There are tons of organizations to choose from, so be sure to thoroughly research some options ahead of time. If your pet passed away from a specific illness, then finding an organization specifically for that illness could be a beautiful full-circle way to honor the life that your pet led. Additionally, some shelters will allow people to sponsor a pet by either paying for their adoption fees or expenses while they are in the shelter. This is really beneficial due to the fact that during such a difficult moment in your life you are choosing to give back in a meaningful and kind way.

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Plant a Garden

If you are someone who prefers symbols of hope, then you may be interested in planting a garden for your deceased pet. This option is simple as all that is required are some basic gardening utensils and items. Once you’ve planted your flowers, all that will be left to do is wait for some beautiful flowers to begin blooming in honor of your beloved pet.

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