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Journaling Through Grief

Published: June 6, 2022
by Admin

If you are newly experiencing grief, then you understand just how ever-changing and difficult it can be. Whether you’ve tried talk therapy, exercise, or reading and have found that nothing is working to combat the grief, things can begin looking hopeless. Fortunately, there are methods for everyone, you just have to find the right one! A little-known method that not many people discuss is journaling. Yes, you heard that right, journaling, while typically thought of as a teenage pastime, has been proven to help the bereaved get a handle on their feelings and emotions. Our funeral homes in Inverness, FL are always open and ready to help in any way that we can.

Don’t Be Discouraged

A lot of times when people are tasked with the activity of writing something, they can become discouraged due to the fact that it doesn’t sound like how they wish it to. The important thing to understand when attempting to use journaling as a method for healing through grief is that it does not have to look or sound any way at all. All that matters is that you are being true to yourself, expressing yourself as best as you can, and getting all of the heavy thoughts and emotions that you are dealing with out on the page. Writing has been proven to be a cathartic experience and soon, if you keep up the practice regularly enough, you’ll feel a lot more at ease after having a constant outlet at your disposal.


One of the best things that any writer can do is to keep a rigid and standard writing routine. This means that you should look for a time of the day, whether it be the early morning, afternoon, or evening in which you can devote an hour to really diving into your emotions and expressing all there is to express. Writing regularly will make the process both easier and something that you will look forward to, especially as the benefits become more and more apparent in your daily life. Additionally, writing more routinely will eventually make it so that you no longer struggle to get the right words on the page. Meaning, that it will become almost second nature, so long as you keep up with it.


In order for your writing to stay clear, concise, and organized, it’s important that you set a purpose ahead of time. So, before you sit down to write, instead of simply winging it and feeling as though it is pointless, sit down with a clear purpose or intention. Whether one day you want to write about specific memories you are thinking of or want to express your difficult emotions, starting out with an intent or purpose will only make the process more effective.

Sample Prompts

If you are someone who truly struggles when it comes to figuring out where to start, then using sample prompts could be a really helpful way to get your pen moving. With a quick Google search, you can find hundreds upon thousands of useful prompts for your specific situation.

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