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Ideas for Navigating Grief

Published: May 16, 2022
by Admin

Whether this is your first time experiencing grief or not, the feeling is never an easy one to overcome. Grief can make us feel all sorts of things like alone, hopeless, and depressed. While it is perfectly normal to utilize this time to be by yourself, prolonged isolation is never recommended as a remedy. We’ve come up with some useful ways in which to combat grief when it makes its presence in our life. While avoiding grief altogether isn’t possible, having the right tools will help you greatly in the long run. Quality funeral homes in Hernando, FL are easy to find when you stop by our location! We are always ready to welcome all who walk through our doors.

Carrying on Tradition

When experiencing grief, sometimes the thing that helps us the most is carrying on the past traditions of the deceased. For example, if the deceased loved going to a particular restaurant during a certain holiday, then you should feel free to continue that tradition as your way of honoring them. Maintaining these types of rituals can allow us to heal through our grief over time. Many people find a sense of peace and connectedness in these acts, so we suggest giving it a try!

Start a Grief Journal

It is a well-known fact that writing can be used as a form of therapy. When we are experiencing grief, we need therapy more than ever! When writing a grief journal, you should not feel obligated to write about a particular thing. The most important thing to keep in mind is getting all of your emotions, thoughts, worries, and fears on the page in front of you. Writing out these things rather than keeping them bottled inside allows us to feel a sense of relief and release! If you find opening up to people difficult, a grief journal is an awesome substitute to consider!

Share Memories

When grieving, we often spend time reminiscing and reflecting on past memories of the deceased. Rather than reflect alone, we suggest sharing the various memories and stories you have of the deceased with people online! There are so many ways in which you can share these memories, with some popular options being social media, websites, grief support groups, and much more! Oftentimes, sharing happier memories during grief can allow us to appreciate the times we had with our loved ones rather than focus on the fact that they are no longer with us.

Memory Box

If you are someone who enjoys a creative project, crafting a memory box may be an ideal option for you! We suggest gathering any photos, writings, mementos, poems that are applicable to the deceased and putting them in your memory box. Additionally, you can choose to decorate the box in any way that you choose. When you are finished, the memory box can then serve as a safe place to reflect on the deceased in a healthy way.

Getting through grief is never an easy obstacle to overcome. Let us know which idea helped you the most and share some other tips worth telling! Our funeral homes in Hernando, FL are always open and ready to assist you!

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