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Is Cremation Right for You

Published: May 9, 2022
by Admin

Coming to a conclusion about whether or not cremation services are right for you can be tricky. Although some people have an easier time than others when making this type of a decision, it’s important to understand that it isn’t so easy for everyone. When weighing cremation as an option, there are a lot of factors and opinions to consider. While talking to your family about it is always recommended, ultimately, it is your choice alone to make, regardless of everyone else’s feelings about it. If you need cremation services in Inverness, FL we are only a phone call away! Additionally, you should always feel free to stop by our location with any funeral and cremation questions or concerns you may have.


One of the most persuasive aspects of cremation over other options is affordability. Traditional burials tend to be on the expensive side as along with the payment of the burial, there is also the embalming, service, casket, and other expenses to worry about. However, when it comes to direct cremation all that is required is the cremation itself and then a right urn. On average, the price of the most minimal burial tends to hover around $6,000 while a basic cremation can cost as little as $350. People are usually inclined to choose cremation because it eases the financial burden of the people they leave behind and their families.


Another reason that many people are drawn to cremation over a burial is that it causes a lot less harm to the environment. While cremation isn’t entirely eco-friendly, it does do better when compared to burial. For traditional burial services, it is typical that the body of the deceased will have been embalmed beforehand, particularly if there was a funeral service. Due to this, when the body is buried underground, as the body begins to decompose, all of the embalming fluid eventually begins entering the soil. This is harmful to the environment because embalming fluid contains toxic chemicals that we don’t really want to enter into the earth. Additionally, a lot of caskets fail to break down completely in the soil either, causing further harm. While cremation adds some pollution to the environment, when compared to burial, there is no contest.


While the families of buried individuals have the option to visit their loved one in a particular location, a cremated individual is essentially portable. Many people are drawn to the fact that they can either split their loved one’s ashes, transport them somewhere else, bury them to make an urn tree and so much more. While burial follows tradition, cremation allows for mourners and families to have a vast number of options. For those who may be indecisive or are prone to changing their minds, cremation will be their best bet!


One of the downsides to choosing cremation is that it doesn’t allow people to have a sense of closure. When an individual is buried, there is typically service or viewing beforehand in which family members and mourners can go up to the body and say any final words or goodbyes.

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