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Ways to Use Funeral Flowers After a Service

Published: April 25, 2022
by Admin

Finding yourself with a surplus of flowers after a funeral service is expected. While you may not want to necessarily throw out all of the beautiful and meaningful flowers, you could be asking yourself, “Do I really want to keep all of these?”. In short, the answer is, why not? We’ve come up with some awesome and creative ways for you to use up all of the gorgeous flowers left over after a funeral service. If you are a creative spirit at heart, then we guarantee you will love these ideas and suggestions! Our cremation services in Inverness, FL are just one of the many services we offer! Stop in today.

Make Potpourri

An awesome and decorative way you can use up flowers after a funeral is by making potpourri at home. For this process, you’ll want to obviously dry the flowers first! Once dry, you are free to shop for any bowl or container of your choice for the contents. We recommend adding some thought behind the container that you choose because then the simple creation of potpourri could be transformed into a way of honoring the deceased in your home. When drying the flowers, one of the simplest ways that we suggest is by simply placing them in the sun. We know that each time you pass your lovely potpourri bowl you will be reminded of the deceased and smile.

Take a Flower Bath

For fans of rest and relaxation, you’ll love this suggestion! While you may not want to use all of them, consider choosing a decent number of leftover flowers for a flower bath! This is an awesome suggestion for a few reasons, one major one being, self-care! Oftentimes, after a loved one passes, we can be left feeling empty which could then lead to neglect of our normal self-care routines. To combat this, we think a flower bath is in your best interest. Also, flower petals infused with water have been known to offer some healing properties, so when in doubt, take a bath!

Press your Flowers

A great idea could also be to press some of the flowers from the funeral. For tips on how to achieve this, we recommend a quick and simple Google search. Once you’ve figured out how to press them, you can then use the pressed flowers in a number of ways. Some of our favorite ways include pressing them into thank you cards, scrapbooks, or greeting cards. Perhaps consider pressing a few thank you cards for those who have helped you through your grief recently.

Create Wall Art

There is never a better time to get creative than when we are feeling down. Creativity allows us to channel our emotions in a healthy way and provides a safe outlet. We recommend placing some leftover flowers in a picture frame and allowing them to dry on their own! 

When you need cremation services in Inverness, FL we hope that you will reach out to our team with any and all questions you may have!

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