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How to Heal Your Grief

Published: April 18, 2022
by Admin

The feelings that come along with grief can seem very intimidating. After all, nobody enjoys feelings of despair and sorrow, yet they are as natural as everything else we experience internally. It may seem in your best interest to avoid these tough emotions altogether, but we highly advise against it as it is usually for this precise reason that people struggle to heal their grief properly and in a healthy way. Instead of running from your grief, we’ll provide some suggestions for how you can tackle and heal your grief head-on! Our funeral homes in Inverness, FL always strive to accommodate and make our guests feel at ease. Stop in today for a chat!

Stop Avoiding

The first thing you’ll want to do if you are facing grief is to stop trying to avoid it! While it may make sense to you, avoiding your grief will never get you anywhere. In fact, doing so will only hinder any possible progression toward healing. Instead, we recommend facing your grief. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and express your emotions in a safe space, whether that be with friends, family, or alone. Give yourself time as well. Healing is never a quick process, in fact, it takes time, sometimes months, other times, years. We assure you that expressing your emotions and facing the reality of the situation will only give you more clarity and strength to continue healing in the long run!

Seek Out Help

Not wanting to be a burden to others is such a common and unique feeling to a lot of people who are grieving. While these feelings can seem overpowering, we urge you to fight back against them. What this looks like is you ignoring that small voice in your head that tells you that you are a burden, and instead reach out for help whenever you need it. We are sure that any close family and friends of yours will be more than happy to help during your time of need, even if all you ask for is someone to listen to you.


Scientists have long proven the mood-boosting benefits that music has on human emotions, so we suggest using that to your advantage. While it may be difficult to even think about music during such a difficult time, we urge you to give it a try. Compile a playlist of meaningful songs and play it whenever you are feeling particularly low.

Create a Memorial Space

Another great way to deal with our grief head-on and also make progress toward healing is by getting creative. A great way to get creative after a death is through the creation of a memorial space. This type of memorial services can look a number of different ways in your home, so be sure to do some research online for some ideas.

Let us know which of our suggestions helped you the most and offer some of your own as well! Healing through grief is a long road for many, but it’s important to recognize that you are not alone! Inquire about our funeral homes in Inverness, FL! our expert staff is ready to help.

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