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Discussing Your Final Wishes

Published: April 11, 2022
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Do you know what’s worse than putting off the ‘final wishes’ talk with your family? Passing prematurely and leaving the burden all on their shoulders. Nobody wants to leave their family scrambling after the event of their death while they are already trying to deal with all of the difficult emotions brought on by grief. To avoid this, we recommend having the conversation early, so that when the time does come, your family can focus on mourning and handling their grief without any added stress. Our cremation services in Hernando, FL are affordable and widely regarded so reach out today! We are always more than happy to assist you!

Plan the conversation

While you may want this type of conversation to arise organically, it’s best practice, in our opinion, to rehearse some talking points you’d like to make beforehand. This doesn’t mean that your discussing your final wishes has to become some elaborate speech, instead make sure you convey all that you wish to, leaving no stone unturned. You should also make it a point to plan out who you’d like to be involved in this conversation. If it’s your immediate family, then work out a time where everyone is free and has a moment to gather together to listen to your final wishes.

Tailor Your Approach

Everyone reacts differently to difficult conversations, so we recommend keeping that in mind when planning your final wishes discussion. If you have particularly sensitive individuals with who you want to be involved in the conversation, be sure to tailor what you say delicately and in a way that they can easily understand. Stress that the reason for this conversation is not because you are dying but because you are thinking of them and their eventual future.

Avoiding Burden

One of the most important things to stress when beginning this conversation with loved ones is that your intention is to ease their burden later down the line. Oftentimes, when a close family member passes away it is up to us to decide the funeral arrangements, whether to bury or cremate, and how to pay for all of the costs that come along with death. This can be a serious burden on top of an already grieving individual. So, you’ll really want to emphasize that the reason for your preplanning is really rooted in protecting them after your death. When it is stated this way, families usually are better at opening up and embracing this type of discussion.

Ask Questions

It may seem backward that the one discussing their final wishes should ask their family questions, but it’s definitely a good idea! While what you want after your death is of the utmost importance, gauging how your family and friends feel about certain ideas can help give you a better sense of what you want to do after your death.

There is a lot to keep in mind when planning your final wishes discussion with your family. We hope that our suggestions aid you in having an effective and meaningful conversation with your loved ones. When you need cremation services in Hernando, FL we are only a phone call away!

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