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Delayed Grief

Published: March 21, 2022
by admin

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When we think of grief, we typically think of uncontrollable sobbing, isolation, erratic emotions, and a significant loss of interest in things. However, when we see someone who is experiencing delayed grief, we can be at a loss for how to help or intervene. Delayed grief is exactly how it sounds, as it is an absence of grief directly after a traumatic loss in someone’s life. This type of grief can raise many important questions, so we want to help clear things up so that you are able to seek the best solutions possible! Our funeral homes in Lecanto, FL are widely regarded, so we hope you will reach out soon!

What is Delayed Grief

When thinking of delayed grief, it may be helpful to look at it more like a form of suspended grief. Delayed grief does not mean that the grief is not there, but that it is being held up or prevented from presenting itself for a number of different reasons. While this type of grief is common among people, it is also classified as a form of complicated grief, which means that it is able to present itself both physically and emotionally. For sufferers of delayed grief, they may put aside or suspend their deep grief in order to take on additional responsibilities such as making funeral arrangements, dealing with the deceased’s estate, caring for others, moving, and much more.

Delayed Grief Causes

Contrary to what many may believe, delayed grief can be caused by many things other than simply losing a loved one. Some common causes of delayed grief include losing a loved one, ending a relationship, losing a pet, losing a personal dream, losing a job, ending a friendship, and much more. All of these occurrences can cause a person to have a delayed grief reaction in which their grief presents itself much later after the loss has taken place.

Physical Symptoms

Delayed grief not only deals with emotions, but with our physical health as well which is why it is vital that we seek help whenever we see any signs or symptoms. Some common physical symptoms of delayed grief include high blood pressure, stomach issues, heart palpitations, reduced immunity, forgetfulness, and confusion. If you or someone you know are exhibiting any of these symptoms after a traumatic event or loss in their life, we strongly urge that medical help is sought after.

How Long Until Grief Manifests

Delayed grief is tricky as there is no rigid timeline for when we can expect to see the grief finally arrive. Some people experience grief once the funeral has passed and everything has died down, while others experience it months or even years after the fact.

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Understanding complicated grief is important not just for our health, but for the health of our friends and loved ones as well. We want everyone to be able to handle and get through grief with the necessary support and guidance needed. When looking for funeral homes in Lecanto, FL we hope you will stop in!

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