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What to Know When You Can’t Grieve After a Funeral

Published: March 7, 2022
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At some point or another, we will all certainly experience grief. Grief and loss are normal parts of life, but it’s important that we face these emotions in a way that is healthy for ourselves. While not typically common, there is a condition classified as absent grief, where an individual who just experienced a tough loss seems void of any emotion or symptoms of grief. Psychologists explain absent grief as being stuck in the initial phase of denial, with sufferers subconsciously avoiding their difficult emotions. When visiting funeral homes in Inverness, FL we are always ready and willing to help any way we can!

Symptoms of Absent Grief

When experiencing absent grief, it’s important to recognize some of the symptoms that come along with it. If you or a loved one seems disconnected from the loss, irritable, forgetful of the loss, in denial, or have absolutely no symptoms of grief whatsoever, then they may be experiencing absent grief. Psychologists typically explain absent grief as being stuck in the initial phases of grief, with sufferers either avoiding the situation or simply in a state of denial. If you or someone you know is exhibiting any of these symptoms we recommend reaching out for help and guidance as soon as possible.

Signs Someone You Know is Avoiding Grief

Since we now know that absent grief can be a result of avoidance on the grieving person’s end, here we’ll share some signs that someone you know may be avoiding their difficult emotions. If the grieving individual seems to be only helping others instead of themselves this could be a clear sign of avoidance. Additionally, if the bereaved is using drugs or alcohol as a way of processing their emotions, this is also another telltale sign. It is also not uncommon for someone with absent grief to take on more and more work than they are accustomed to. We recommend being aware and on the lookout for any of these signs and symptoms so that you have the best chance of intervening and offering help and support!

Physical Symptoms of Absent Grief

Not only does absent grief affect our behavior, but it can also affect us physically. Some of the ways in which this type of grief can present itself physically are through heart palpitations, high blood pressure, insomnia, eating disorders, and fatigue or exhaustion. It is best to never avoid any negative physical symptoms as we don’t want them to eventually snowball into an even bigger medical issue. Grieving is not only emotionally taxing but physical as well.

Moving Forward

If you are someone who is suffering from absent grief, there are a number of different ways that you can reach out for help! A lot of people find clarity with therapy, although it is not always a fix for everyone. If therapy is something that makes you uncomfortable, we recommend reaching out to close friends and family and talking about your struggles and emotions. Additionally, we urge you to seek medical help if you are experiencing any negative physical symptoms such as the ones previously mentioned.

funeral homes in Inverness, FL

Grief can look hundreds of different ways, which is why when we encounter absent grief it can be tricky to put our finger on. Our funeral homes in Inverness, FL are ready to help whenever you need it!

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