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Why You Should Have a Funeral Service

Published: January 24, 2022
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Whether or not you wish to have a funeral after you pass is completely up to you. We would never force a decision on someone, but we do feel obligated to inform you as to why having a funeral may be a better decision and idea than you may initially realize. It’s important to remember that funerals are not for you, or the deceased, but rather for those left behind and mourning. Deciding on having a service offers your loved ones an opportunity for a final goodbye and closure. Our cremation services in Inverness, FL are available to all who inquire. Contact us today!

Helps Loved Ones

When people decide to not hold a funeral service, this can lead loved ones to feel as though they do not have a sense of closure or inner peace. The most we can wish for after we pass is that our family and friends are at peace with our passing. By deciding to hold a service, your family and friends have an opportunity to gather together to grieve, remember you, and say a final goodbye. Funeral services can prove to be very helpful and beneficial for the grieving process as well!

A Sense of Community

There is little else that causes people to feel such isolation than after the recent event of a death. Having a service offers your loved ones a sense of community and belonging during a time where they may feel completely alone or at a loss of who to turn to. Funeral services are an opportunity for everyone to lift each other up and remind one another that they are not alone but are instead supported and loved.

Ceremonies are Vital

Most of the time, people reject the idea of holding a funeral service for themselves because they dislike the customs of traditional funeral services. Fortunately, things have made drastic changes in recent years in regard to funeral services. People are more willing to customize services and add their own rituals to personalize the experience as much as possible. Keep in mind that your service does not have to be the standard service that you are used to seeing portrayed.

Remember, This is For Them, Not

You One of the most key things to remember when reconsidering whether you wish to have a funeral and cremation service or not, is that ultimately this service is not for you. While it may seem as though the service is for you, as it is your own funeral, you will not be the one experiencing the service, your family will, so it’s important to take their feelings into account. If you wish for your loved ones to be able to move on and reach a sense of peace after your death, holding a funeral service is a great start. Be sure to speak openly with your family and listen to their questions and concerns. Ultimately, it is your decision to make, but keep others in mind as well!

cremation services in Inverness, FL

Deciding on whether or not you wish to have a funeral service is ultimately your decision to make, regardless, we, your cremation service provider are here for you. Overall, we want to make sure that you consider the feelings and emotions of your loved ones left behind before coming to an ultimate conclusion. Cremation services in Inverness, FL are seamless with us, so we encourage you to not hesitate to reach out.

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