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Kid-Friendly Projects to Memorialize a Loved One After a Funeral

Published: January 17, 2022
by admin

Dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one is tough on anybody, kids especially. Unlike adults, children may not be as willing or able to communicate all that they are feeling and experiencing. Additionally, death is an entirely new and, oftentimes, daunting concept to them, so it is vital that they are able to express themselves in some way. Working on art projects is a great way to engage the mind of your child and provide them with an outlet for their complicated emotions and feelings. Our funeral homes in Inverness, FL can help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Memory Jar

This a super simple yet incredible meaningful project that you can encourage your child to dive into! All that is needed for this project is a decently sized jar and some basic art materials. Encourage your child to decorate the outside of the jar in any way that they wish. Once they have finished decorating the outside, sit down with them and decide on memories that you two would like to include in the jar. It may be easier if you write down the various memories for them on a sticky note and then you can both add them to the jar. This project is both a creative outlet and a great way to engage your child in speaking on happier memories and moments with the deceased.

Memory Collage

For this project all that you will need is a poster board, some art materials, old magazines, and copies of pictures of the deceased. It’s important that the photos of the deceased are copies, as you’ll be cutting and gluing them to the poster board. Allow your child to run wild with how they wish to decorate the poster. Encourage them to cut out pictures from the magazines that remind them of the deceased or memories that they shared with them.

Painted Stones

Painting stones is a really fun activity that will allow your child to spend some time outdoors and engage their artistic mind. We recommend picking a spot outdoors that was special to your loved one and picking stones that you find in that area. Once you and your child have your stones picked out, feel free to paint or color them with markers and utensils of your choosing. Encourage your child, if they are able to, to include any quotes or messages on their stones.

Tissue Flowers

It’s probably likely that your child has experience making tissue paper flowers, as it’s a typical project in schools, so this project will be both familiar and fun! We recommend that you and your child work on these flowers prior to the funeral so that they have a personalized item to bring. Allow your child to pick any color of their choosing and assist them wherever they struggle.

Children deal with loss differently than adults, so it is vital that they have a creative outlet in case they do not have the proper words to express themselves. When visiting our funeral homes in Inverness, FL we guarantee that you will feel both welcomed and satisfied with your experience.

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