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Preserving Funeral Roses

Published: January 10, 2022
by admin

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As one of the most common flowers to give and receive at a funeral, some people may wonder what, if anything, they can do with all of the leftover flowers after the service. Surprisingly, there are many unique and meaningful ways in which you can preserve these beautiful flowers long after the funeral has taken place. Hanging on to the roses after the honoring of a loved one can bring a sense of peace, healing, and comfort. When inquiring about cremation services in Hernando, FL we suggest calling us with any questions or concerns you may have. As a memento of sorts, overtime the flowers will stand as a symbol of the memory of the deceased, which is all that we can ask for after dealing with a loss.

The Meaning of Roses

Depending on the color, roses are known to mean different things. Red roses, the most popular and regarded kind, symbolize love and respect. Pink, on the other hand, can represent love, grace, and appreciation. White roses typically symbolize hope and peace. Lastly, dark crimson roses are known to symbolize grief and sorrow.

Grow More Roses

While many people may not be aware of this technique, it is absolutely possible to grow more roses from a rose that you have been given. The first step that you should take if you wish to grow more roses from some roses you’ve received at a funeral is to dip the stem in honey and stick it in a potato. After this step, you simply place the potato in some dirt, ensuring that the potato is fully covered. Next, cut off the top of the rose and any extra leaves that may be left behind. All that will be left to do is wait for a beautiful rose to emerge.


There are many ways to preserve roses overtime so that they remain as beautiful as ever. Depending on what you wish to do with your roses after the funeral, some methods mentioned will be more preferable over others.

Air Drying

This is a very simple method and requires simply combining together with a rubber band a group of around three to six roses. Next, you’ll want to hang the flowers upside down, ensuring the blooms aren’t touching. We suggest leaving the roses hanging for around five to ten days in a warm and dry area.

Silica Gel

Place the roses in a large enough box and fill it with silica gel. After three to five days, you may take out your roses but be sure to spray them with hair spray.

Pressed Flower Method

If you plan on making a frame-pressed petal memento then we highly recommend this method! Simply place the rose petals in between wax paper in a book and leave for up to a week.

Rose Memento Ideas

As previously mentioned, a popular way to use roses as a memento is to make a frame-pressed petal memento! Additionally, if you do have pressed rose petals but don’t want to frame them then you can always use them to make a beautiful memorial candle! Lastly, many people are using their preserved roses to make a dried rose shadowbox.

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We hope our preservation methods can help you create a meaningful memento for your loved one. Our cremation services in Hernando, FL are just one of the many services we offer. Contact us today!

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