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Personality Types and Grief

Published: January 3, 2022
by admin

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Grief is a unique experience, yet it is also a universal emotion that we will all inevitably encounter someday. While there are many suggested ways on how to handle someone who is dealing with grief after a loss, it is important to recognize that something that works for one person may not work for others. When supporting a loved one through grief, it is a good idea to consider their personality type, or in other words, whether they are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert. If you need funeral homes in Hernando, FL then we highly suggest contacting us today so that we are able to assist you through the process.

Distinguishing Between Personalities

Introverts: We’ve all heard of introverts, but the widely regarded definition may not be as accurate as you think. Most people consider introverts to be hermits or recluses, who avoid the outside world like it’s the plague. Fortunately, this definition is way off the mark. Introverts are known to enjoy socializing just as much as the next, but they also require time to themselves after being social in order to recharge and regroup.

Extroverts: Extroverts differ from introverts in that after socialization they do not require time alone in order to recharge. In fact, many extroverts feel energized after lengthy socialization. Additionally, extroverts are usually eager to both begin and engage in conversation.

Ambiverts: Ambiverts are a hybrid of the two previously mentioned and are found to contain various characteristics of both introverts and extroverts.

Introverts and Grief

After a funeral, it is not unusual for an introvert to appear drained. Additionally, if family and friends are gathering afterwards in order to continue to honor the deceased, this may prove to be a lot for an introvert to handle. Expect an introvert to keep to themselves during this difficult time, as it’s mostly in their nature to deal with their emotions and feelings alone. Be sure to stay in constant communication with an introvert as they may be hesitant to reach out for help. Also don’t hesitate to continue inviting them to things, even if they decline; we guarantee that they’ll appreciate the thought. Lastly, offer help in any way they need, whether you offer to cook for them, do household work, or walk their dog, an introvert will never ask, so offering help is a big plus.

Extroverts and Grief

Extroverts may naturally want to continue with their old habits of jumping into social gatherings and functions. While this is not a huge cause for alarm, it is also absolutely necessary that they take time for themselves so that they have a moment to process their inner emotions. If you notice an extrovert seeming to bulldoze through their grieving process, kindly suggest grief support groups, which they may be inclined to join due to the social aspect. Also feel free to encourage them to speak about their feelings. Whether they wish to tell stories about the deceased or discuss their emotions, expressing what is going on in one’s head is always a plus.

Ambiverts and Grief

For grieving ambiverts we suggest considering the grieving’s specific characteristics between introvert and extrovert and tailoring your approach to fit their needs!

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Supporting a loved one through grief can be a tricky position to be in. Remaining a constant source of support is the best thing you can do and hopefully our tips have helped give you a better idea of unique approaches. Our funeral homes in Hernando, FL welcome you and your loved ones whenever you need us! Contact us today!

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