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What are Direct Cremations?

Published: December 6, 2021
by admin

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After the passing of a loved one, there are many factors to consider and decisions to make. Typically, after the death of a loved one, families discuss how and if they will hold a service, and more importantly, how they will pay for it. Paying for a funeral service can be a daunting undertaking, which is why direct cremations are oftentimes a preferred choice when money presents as an issue. With that huge financial burden lifted from your shoulders, you can focus on what matters, which is remembering the deceased and supporting family and friends. Funeral homes in Inverness, FL, like us, will be happy to help you and your family with whichever step you choose to take!

No Services

Before making the ultimate decision to opt for a direct cremation for your loved one, it’s important to stop to consider all that comes with such a decision. It is worth noting that if you do choose to go this route, there will not be any further services available for you and your family, meaning no memorial or other gatherings. If you do wish to have a service of some kind but can only afford a direct cremation, then we suggest holding a ceremony when you receive the deceased’s ashes from the crematory! This can be just as meaningful as a traditional funeral, and for much less money.

No Embalming

Necessary One of the things that makes direct cremation such an affordable option is that, unlike traditional funerals and cremations, the cost of embalming is not necessary! This is because when you choose a direct cremation, the body is almost immediately taken away for the process, so there is no need to worry about any possible decomposition. Embalming is not a cheap process, so omitting it from your budget can be a huge help!

More Time to Grieve

While this reason may not immediately jump out at you as a huge bonus, planning for a funeral can be more stressful than you realize. When families scramble to put together a service while also fretting over money, that stress can add even more to a grieving individual. Grieving is an important step in dealing with the loss of a loved one, and with a direct cremation you are given less cost and more time to spend with your thoughts and family.


Unlike traditional burials, direct cremations are really beneficial to the environment! Oftentimes when bodies are buried in the ground, they’ve been embalmed beforehand, which means that as natural decomposition takes place, these toxic embalming chemicals will get released into the ground and soil.

Funeral home in Inverness, FL

There is a lot to consider when deciding on what to do after the death of a loved one. While some families may prefer to hold a traditional service and viewing, others may be happy with simply remembering the deceased in their own way. Whichever option works for you and your family, is the right decision in the end. We hope that we’ve helped make this difficult decision a little easier for you. Our funeral homes in Inverness, FL welcome you and your family, and we are happy to help!

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